About Geospatial Niagara Projects

What is a Geospatial Niagara Project

Sept. 2, 2023, 1:20 p.m. | Darren, Update, Projects


Hi, Darren here. Rather than randomly add projects without context, I thought it would be better to preface the whole projects section. Many, if not all of the projects come from my active mind. If I see something or hear about something, it will trip a switch which leads to wondering, and creating a project idea. I never have time to dive into these ideas with any vigour, mostly because my mind has moved on to another idea. But I am still just as interested as ever and my mind keeps thinking about it. That is the ADHD.

These projects are provided to students to work on, mostly through local post secondary Geography/Environmental and other programs at Brock University and Niagara College. Some are turned into internships, others research projects. Students working on these projects provides experience and the idea gets into the light. 

The core projects of Geospatial Niagara include: Niagara GeoparktreeOcode Niagara, Day of Geography, GeoNiagara Radio and Niagara Region Minecraft.

These five are best representative of the spirit of Geospatial Niagara. Participation, Education, Exploration of Niagara. Promoting and creating career paths. Many of the other projects, sponsored and facilitated, fit as pieces of the bigger puzzle. Some projects have been facilitated and some projects are provided as internships.

As you may notice, this is the first posting since July of 2022. It's been busy. However, I plan on trying my best to update the projects section with past and more current projects that showcase geospatial technology and careers.